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Photography for me is a passion.

My name is Karen and am based in Surrey in England and I just LOVE to take pictures, capturing my family to document our lives together has been a passion of mine since my two children were born. Up until 2009 I tended to just snap shots, now I feel I am a photographer and enjoy the art of creating a photo. I love to look back and use my photography and digital scrapbooking as memories.

A camera comes around with me everywhere, if it is not my Canon 6D or 7D, it is my Canon 400D, a little Canon Ixus or my trusty iphone! I do not want to miss any of my families special moments.I love capturing them going about their normal lives, exploring, reading, playing, cooking, eating……….I think you get the idea, you name it I shoot it.

My main occupation is that of a Financial Director, but would LOVE to do more with my photography one day (probably when I retire!). At the moment I have a few stock photos available for sale through Getty and I do a few “natural light” shoots for family and close friends (basically anyone I know who asks).

I am predominantly self taught, but in 2009 I took the Open University Course T189, which luckily I passed with a very high mark. Since then I have undertaken a few courses with Kim Klassen (Photoshop & Lightroom) and a couple of Clickinmom courses. Lately though I feel that I am stuck in a rut photography wise and feel that I need to go back to basics as they say and find my way back! I have looked at undertaking a degree in photography, but as I already have a degree and a professional qualification feel that this would be a waste, especially as I never plan to pursue a career in photography.

For this blog I plan to:

1. Go back to the basics and document my progress and findings.

2.  Read a lot of photography books, go through any exercises they provide and review them, starting with the ones I already have.

3. Re visit some of the courses I have undertaken

4. Study some of the famous photographers and painters and analyse what I like about their work.

5.  Attend any photographic exhibitions that I can and review them.

I am doing all of this in the hope that this will consolidate my understanding and make my photography better and somewhere along the line it will enable me to FIND MY STYLE. This blog I have set up as my learning log to document my journey and findings. I hope that without the pressure of deadlines as on a standard course as well as being less structured or time constrained I will reach my goal no matter how long it takes, after all this is something just for me.

I recently saw this short video by the photographer David DuChemin, such inspiring words which really resonated with how I feel about photography.

I would really like some feedback, so please feel free to comment whether good or bad, as long as it is constructive that is…after all it’s the only way to get better.

Until next time…………………………………………………………