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by Eugene Atget

This second episode was entitled “documents for artists” and the write up was as follows:
“By the end of World War One photography had become the central medium of the age. Photographers began to turn their lenses to the plight of rural victims of the American Depression and minority communities. Alexander Rodchenko and August Sander found their artistic skills put to another use by the state – as propaganda. Documents for Artists focuses on the first few decades after World War One when the potential of photography attracted the attention of artists and governments alike.”

by Eugène Atget

Documents for Artists examines in detail the work of some of most influential modern photographers: Alexander Rodchenko, August Sander, Man Ray, Eugene Atget, Walker Evans and Bill Brandt.  It also discusses the precise, objective, rational and apparently machine-like photography that took place during this period.

by Walker Evans

Once again, like episode one I found this very interesting to watch and I now feel I want to look a little further into the work of some of the mentioned artists. This documentary is really opening my eyes to some fantastic photographers, which can only be a good thing, right?

by Bill Brandt


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