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Well two posts in one day, that is definitely a first for me! I do not plan to do this all the time (but maybe for this month 😮 , as I take part in two WordPress courses – blogging and photography101 to kick start me into posting regularly).

I drove to this town straight after dropping my children at school to take some photos for todays theme on Photography101 which is “Street & establishing shots”. It was such a gloomy morning, as can be clearly seen in first two photos with the nondescript grey skies, as my editing skills are not up to changing the sky (just yet) I had to leave them as shot, with a little post processing in Lightroom.

Driving by

Quiet time

As I wondered into the main shopping area and had a coffee at Costa, mainly to bide a little time, the people started to arrive and the town started to come alive. All the photos below were taken within 5 minutes as I walked around the main high street area. I decided to make a quick collage of the photos I snapped, it was fun and I think I will revisit doing this at some point, but spend a little longer planning my photos. I converted all of these to black and white as I preferred all of them edited this way and thought it tied them in quite well in the collage.

Street Life

Since starting this blog in January, I have played about with themes, the tagline and title, so I do not have a specific post for the assignment in blogging101 today. I thought a long time about the title for my blog and setting it all up before I went live, so am (at the moment) happy with how it is, but who knows in time, as I grow and learn more, I may change it again, who knows!