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Going down

Photography is a creative medium. One fundamental that’s not often talked about is the “Art of Visualization”… A concept that originated from one of my favourite photographers the well-known landscape photographer Ansel Adams.

Ansel Adams is well known for his use of visualisation.  He would look at a scene and then visualise  in “his minds eye” the image before making the photograph.  This process can be harder than it seems. To do do this with a scene you need to be in-tune with your inner emotions and how you feel about a scene.  Then you need to know how to manipulate your camera to show your emotional response of the scene in the image on your film or sensor.  Once that is done the next step is to bring that out in your image in post processing.

I am far from being a great photographer, I am just a hobbyist, who enjoys the art and creativity that photography allows me. I do know though that all my favourite images and the ones that get the most positive responses from others have been ones that I have visualised prior to taking and now I do try to do this with most of my shots, although some days especially when I feel I have to take a shot for my 365, I know I slack and it definitely shows!

I found this video on youtube of Ansel Adams talking briefly about the subject.

So next time your out and about with your camera, before you press the shutter, visualise the photo, you might just be surprised with the results.