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Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected. – William Plomer

Sibling connection

Day six on Photography 101 and we were asked to share a photo using our own interpretation of  the word connect and then look at how we tag the post, being used to social media on Flickr and Instagram I have been tagging my photos for years so this I did not find too much of a challenge.

Well connect can mean a lot of things, so the option for photographic subjects was very wide today. The dictionary definitions I found were:

  • to join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind
  • to establish communication between; put in communication
  • to have as an accompanying or associated feature
  • to cause to be associated, as in a personal or business relationship
  • to associate mentally or emotionally
  • to link to an electrical or communications system; hook up
  • to become connected; join or unite
  • (of trains, buses, etc.) to run so as to make connections
  • to have or establish successful communication; make contact
  • to relate to or be in harmony with another person, one’s work, etc.
  • (of an addict or drug dealer) to make direct contact for the illegal sale or purchase of narcotics
  • to hit successfully or solidly ie a ball in sport
  • of or relating to a connection or connections

Connection point

Connecting with a friend

The Sail bridge – connecting either side of a river

Well day six on Blogging 101 asked us to look at our own about pages, which I did. Being quite introverted, I am not very good at talking about myself, so found doing this quite difficult. It took me ages just to write my first post on here back in January, as I kept writing things down and then wondering to myself, do I really want to share this much with everyone, after all I am a very private family orientated person.

Do my amendments make it more enticing, I am not sure, but at least I have looked at it and amended it, I guess that was the aim of todays task! What do you think?