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The Photo101 theme for today is the “Natural World”, which is one of my favourite subjects to shoot, as I find it so relaxing and it takes me away from the hustle and bustle of my daily life.

From the moon at night……

Fly me to the moon

to mountains and views beyond……..

Above the couds

Above the couds

from calm and quiet lakes……..


Lake of tranquility

to the busy rivers full of activity………

Racing along the Thames

I never forget the smaller things though, from the leaves on the trees

Its all in the detail

to the bees on the flowers as it is the small details that really makes us stop and look. I am often surprised at what can be seen when I just take five to ten minutes wondering round my garden. In the spring to summer months it is a hive of activity just waiting to be photographed!

Nectar collector

I Love A Lonely Winding Road

I love a lonely winding road
That takes me where I cannot see
Until each softly rounded hill
Reveals its landscaped mystery.
Where nature’s stage creates the plot,
What ever the scene may be.

I love the crocus call in spring,
The first to wake from winter’s sleep.
Translucent bits of ivory joy,
So patient under snow banks deep,
‘Til they can lift each star like face
And proudly nature’s rhythm keep.

I love the fiery autumn hues,
Too harsh to bear in gentle spring
But welcomed by the strident wind
That makes the mighty pine tree sing,
Freeing the crimson leaves that dance
Like bright birds, high on wing.

I love the wonders of this world,
The secrets nature guards so well
From those who have no time to spend,
Who will not lift the ocean’s shell
And listen to the murmured tale
That each one has to tell.

by Alora M Knight

Blogging 101 is all about comments so off I go to check out some new blogs and start networking on here to get to know my neighbours 😊

As an aside, I am not sure what I did when posting this but I pressed schedule to post this in half an hour (today 11th March) and it posted it as if I had done it yesterday……I double checked the date and time just now and all ok, so not sure what happened, has anyone else experienced anything similar?