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“Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.”

– George Eastman


The perfect ending

Today on Photography 101 the topic is “warmth and quality of light”, we were asked to use the sun as our source of light.

To me the warm colours of the setting sun fit this prompt perfectly. Coincidently I am doing a year long project of different sources of light, posting every Friday, so this theme made me smile. For the last four weeks I looked at was shadows and I had so much fun, for the next few weeks I am concentrating on backlighting (just hoping that we have some more nice sunny days so that I can shoot outside for these).

War memorial at sunset

War memorial at sunset


They say a sunset is an artist’s pallet,
Of colors so intense and full of pigment,
A photographer’s dream.

Tonight they are the colors of autumn,
Of reds, yellows, green.
The shadows that fall,
Bring the night to life.

First the crickets dance all night.
Then the hoot owls,
Call hidden from sight.

The mares call to their foals,
a play in the fields,
“Time to bed down my little ones.”

The cattle are lowing for food
Their one thought, before they rest themselves
In slumber to the sounds of the night.

The birds call to each other,
Telling them of free food,
High above the house of cats.

The barking of dogs as they round
Up their charges safe in for the night.

The children run laughing,
Being chased one more time.
Before the parents drop them
Exhausted on their beds made of clouds.

The colors are now the deepest of colors,
A painter’s pallet forever changing.

As the moon softly sings us the lullaby,
“To sleep my children, to sleep.”

by Jessica Bood