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The 1937 party wall

I read the Photography101 and blogging101 emails this morning and realised that there is no way I will get that done this weekend, just not enough hours in the day! So I will, as suggested in blogging 101 have a weekend off from the courses, I will still post daily though as I am really enjoying talking about photography and most important sharing my photos. We have football with my son, decorating and places to be. I have started a post on lighting during a day which I will do when I have some time over a full day!   

The weekly theme for The daily Post is to “share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you”.

I came across the top wall when I was walking around a village called Laleham-Upon-Thames in Surrey (England), it intrigued me. I am guessing that is was built as a wall between two adjoining pieces of land or property, both owning the wall. Part of me smiles though if you take the wording very literally and  I picture people having a party on the wall in 1937!

The bottom image was taken in Positano in Italy, I loved the textures of the old wall with the moss and small plants growing out through the cracks. The colours in the distance showing the people walking along the narrow passages to the shops/restaurants and sea.

Away from the crowds