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For Photography 101 we were encouraged to  “Insert something into a scene to highlight size, and the size relationships between elements within a shot.”

I have meetings all day at work during daylight hours so have had to revert to my vast archives yet again. I think my finger and thumb holding these flowers helps show how small the forget me not flowers actually are.

I am really enjoying doing these two courses, I have loved the themes so far on Photo 101 and cannot believe how much I have learnt about WordPress and blogging so far on Blogging 101. A further plus point is that I have stuck to daily blog posts, some days posting more than once (which has really surprised me!).

I may though have bit off a little too much doing both Photo101 and Blogging101 at the same time, as I feel that to get the prompts done I have had to neglect my photography research a little in favour of them.

Blogging 101 encouraged us to “extend your brand with one of the following: a custom Blavatar, a custom image widget, or a fan page.” I already have a photography page on Facebook which I started a while ago so will continue to update that. I then decided to have a go at doing a Blavatar, first of all I had to look what it was up as it was a new one on me!

I chose two of my photos and added a little text to them in Photoshop to personalise them a little more, hopefully they work. I really would love some feedback, which one do you think works best, or should I go back to the drawing board as they say and try again. I have uploaded the bee one for now, just so I had one, but do let me know which one you think works best?

blavatar bee

blavatar abstract