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I edited this photo using the techniques outlined in Kim Klassen’s video on her Beyond Layers course. It was a long editing session (for me that is!).  The task itself was to turn a photograph into a “Painterly Effect” one, by adding textures and quite a lot of layer adjustments. The original photo was taken a year ago when we were on holiday in Canada 🙂 The edit above was edited as Kim suggested, I then went on to do a paint effect in the artistic filters in Photoshop Elements to produce the shot below, which when seen larger looks more like an old painting, so I guess I achieved the “painterly effect”. I am glad I have done this as I learnt a lot, trying different blending modes, using clipping masks and a myriad of layers.

This is what the shot was like before I went on to edit another shot with a totally different subject the before and after is below. Let me know what you think?