5 Minute Project

The 5 Minute Project is curated by Dana Pugh and began as a personal project on her family blog Pughville. On this blog, she invites 7 regulars  to play along and document 5 minutes in their own lives. This can be done in video, stills, audio, iPhone…but, however it is done, the documenting can only occur for a 5 minute timeframe. The editing and presentation of the final project is left entirely up to it’s author.

To participate, you can simply document 5 minutes of your life. The spirit of this project is keep it unplanned, unstaged, just 5 ordinary minutes. Of course, 5 minutes can be extraordinary, too, but I want to see the beauty in the mundane not 5 minutes of a portrait sitting.

I decided to start my own project and this is just a place to link to them all


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