Links & Resourses

500px – It’s a really nice website to navigate and photos look great on there, with a simple UI. There’s a really good blog, which focuses on taking photos and good photography.

British Journal of Photography – this is THE photography news website, and with very good reason. Established in 1854, British Journal of Photography is the longest-running photography magazine in not just Britain, but the world. The site is updated daily with news articles, informational resources, community galleries, and forums

Cambridge in Colour – A series of very technical tutorials about aspects of digital photography such as camera sensors, histograms, colour management and autofocus.

Canon Digital Learning Centre – More technical advice and tutorials for Canon users.

Canon Professional Network – Lots of technical advice for Canon users and inspiration from Canon’s Ambassadors – pro photographers using Canon equipment.

Clickin Moms – a paid site with a pretty good active forum, a lot of great information to be found here.

David duChemin’s blog – a great read with some fantastic advice, I have read quite a few of his books too which I loved.

Depth of field Master – explains depth of field very well. You can also print out depth of field tables for your lenses.

Digital Photography School – Very comprehensive photography resource. Lots of inspirational and informative articles.

DIY Photography – This is a great website to be creative with your photography. The site’s content ranges from cool photography products, to interesting photography ideas, and of course, DIY Photography (photos that were taken with a low budget gear, which look like they were taken with much more expensive kit).

Improve Photography – Nice well written articles

Light Stalking – focuses on beautiful photography, although they focus slightly less on tutorials (there’s still plenty), they still make for a great resource.

Luminous Landscape – a comprehensive series of technical articles. One of the oldest and most prestigious photography websites around.

National Geographic Photography – Some beautiful and very inspirational photography, plus tips and advice from National Geographic photojournalists.

PetaPixel – It’s a really lazy way to keep on top of some of the best photography websites around, and find content that’s a little bit different to the tutorials that you may typically browse. This is the sort of website that I like to click ‘like’ on Facebook, and then browse through their updates in my newsfeed when I’m bored or procrastinating (daily).

Photo Answers – The official website of UK photography magazines Practical Photography and Digital Photo. Lots of news and technique to complement the magazines.

Photoshelter blog – Their blog is a free service though, with a really useful and diverse selection of content.

Photography Now – Portfolios from past masters and contemporary greats.

Photography Talk – The tutorials on this website are… ok, but there’s nothing that really stands out too much to me. I think the main selling point of this website is the forum.

Photography Tuts Plus – I just peruse the free articles on here since they started charging several years ago.

Photoshop Daily – Photoshop tutorials from the publishers of UK magazine Photoshop Creative.

Picture Correct – there’s always something just a little bit different on there. It’s also an excellent resource for finding reviews for camera gear, and shopping guides. Be sure to check out their photographers network.

Pop Photo – It’s just a really good all-round website, full of tutorials, photos, news, and reviews.

Scott Kelby – everyone in the photography world has probably heard of him, read a book or two, seen a video. It a great website and blog for a browse.

Strobist – All the information you need to use your camera’s portable flash unit to its full advantage.

[updated 16th March 2015]


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