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When a little robin red breast constantly visits you or crosses your path; a loved one in heaven is trying to say “hello! I’m with you!” x


After an afternoon gardening my reward at the end was these two little robins staying near allowing me to take photos.

Garden Companion

The Robin

When up aloft
I fly and fly,
I see in pools
The shining sky,
And a happy bird
Am I, am I!

When I descend
Towards their brink
I stand, and look,
And stoop, and drink,
And bathe my wings,
And chink and prink.

When winter frost
Makes earth as steel
I search and search
But find no meal,
And most unhappy
Then I feel.

But when it lasts,
And snows still fall,
I get to feel
No grief at all,
For I turn to a cold stiff
Feathery ball!

by Thomas Hardy

Taken in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Reward”, what does reward mean to you?