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Thousands have lived without love, not one without water. – W. H. Auden

Splashing fun

Living in England means that water is not far from home wherever you are, so when I saw the prompt for today on Photography101 I smiled as I knew exactly what I wanted to post for today. I love photographing water whether it is water splashes as can be seen above, photos where water is just part of the whole scene (Thames reflection, below), photos where reflections form part of the shot (reflections, below) or even where the photo is just a pure reflection (reflections of you, below).

I found it very useful contemplating the photo tip today of photo orientation and the fact that “humans have binocular vision — which means we have two eyes, adjacent to one another — and naturally scan a scene along a horizontal, rather than vertical, plane”. It got me thinking, I do have a habit of shooting horizontally most of the time and this will always be the orientation I start with, except for portraits or when I shoot wildlife in my garden that is, then I automatically start with vertical. When I shot the top two photos I intentionally shot horizontally as the scenes I knew would not look quite the same and would have lost the “feel” of what I had envisaged if they had been shot vertically and I would have lost too much of the scene. The bottom two though, I did shoot with both orientations at the time, but just preferred the look of the horizontal photos.

As I have been taking photos for a long time now I do naturally now try and establish a scene, making sure that there is a focal point (usually using one of the compositional rules) but not always, sometimes I just go with what I feel works (sometimes it is good to break the rules!).

Thames reflections


Reflections of you

The task for today on blogging101 was to follow five new topics in the reader and five new blogs, well I have already done the latter today and found some new blogs that I am really looking forward to seeing each time they post. Topic wise, I already follow photography, art, scrapbooking, books, family and history as well as blogging101 and photo101, now I am off to find five new topics to follow. Do you have any favourites that you look at all the time, I would love to hear your choices?