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“In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous.” – Aristotle

I love watching butterflies, such delicate beauties. When the butterflies are at RHS Wisley, near where I live, at the start of the year, I always try to visit and spend a little time watching and photographing them. 30 Days Wild prompted me to try and raise some to release in our garden so that my children can see first hand the life cycle.

We went in search of some eggs, but after an hour or so searching in and around our road we decided we would “cheat” and I sent off for some painted lady caterpillars. They arrived yesterday, but as my children were away I talked about them with them on their return today as we discussed the characteristic of the caterpillars and watched them as they moved about inside the pot. So far we have 6 healthy caterpillars, lets hope they all survive (I have been told that we may only have about 3 transform), I will keep my fingers crossed for all six of them.