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Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.” – William Wordsworth

Whilst outside each day so far this month I have been watching the clouds and discussing with my children cloud formations. Today we lay on the grass in our garden and watched the clouds above us having fun seeing items in the formations – we saw amongst many things a dolphin, a crab, a pirate ship and a fairy. 15 minutes and kids with great imaginations = BLISS

All the photos below are taken with my iphone as I always have this with me, I will be taking photos like this each day for the rest of the month and then plan to do a collage of them at the end.

1st June 2015

2nd June 2015

3rd June 2015

4th June 2015

5th June 2015

6th June 2015

7th June 2015

8th June 2015

9th June 2015