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Image by Andre Kertesz

I decided to Google for some photography-related podcasts and Youtube videos to listen to in the car and to watch at home.  I was most interested in podcasts about photographers – so I could look for inspiration and expand my horizons in terms of understanding what I like, why and what I don’t like. I now have quite a few to listen to and will post about them with my views as I watch or listen to them.

I started by watching a BBC series that first viewed in 2007. I cannot remember seeing it the first time round, but thought it sounded like an interesting one to watch. I found a link to it here. I do not tend to look on Youtube and other video sites so was amazed at the wealth of videos that are available especially on Youtube (boy am I behind the times!).

The first episode was entitled “Fixing the Shadows” and covered the history of photography from Ancient Rome to The Great War (1914), although I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, I did find it skipped backwards and forwards a little. It highlighted that often the challenge facing the photography pioneers, was not in fact how to capture an image, but how to stop it from over-developing, or to “fix the shadows”. I found the types of photos very interesting, I had come across the term daguerreotype processing previously as another of my hobbies is family history and when searching for photographs of relatives from that period of time this came up. It was nice though to learn more about it 🙂

I now have a couple of photographers that I really like their style of work that was shown in the programme and want to look into them a bit more, namely André Kertész and Jacques Henri Lartigue, once I have finished watching this series that is!

Image by Andre Kertesz

Image by Jacques-Henri Lartigue

Image by Jacques-Henri Lartigue


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