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The theme for today on Photo101 is big and scale, well to a small insect a blade of grass looks big! So using my macro lens and lying on the floor I shot from an ants perspective looking up in the blades, what a difference this can give to something so ordinary. 

In blogging101 today is all about personalising our blogs, today I will be looking through a few of my archives for a few more header images so that I can change it, so watch this space!

Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday again, where has this week gone?

Well what I did was as follows:

  1. Cropped the photo slightly in Lightroom 5 (I just find it so much easier straightening and cropping photos in Lightroom!).
  2. Added a little fill light (8%) in Lightroom 5.
  3. Adjusted the clarity slightly (15%) in Lightroom 5.
  4. Adjusted the white balance slightly to add some warmth, in Lightroom 5.
  5. Increased the vibrance slightly (+7) in Lightroom 5.
  6. Decreased the saturation slightly (-14) in Lightroom 5.
  7. Transfered to Photoshop CC
  8. kk_plastersquared, multiply @ 75% opacity
  9. Text layer and watermark added.

The pre straight out of camera shot is here below

I would love to know what you think?